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Short Sales Are A Better Solution Than Foreclosure

We all know that bad things happen to good people.  Things that you can’t avoid.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the only thing you can do it to “cut bait” and move on.  We can make an all cash offer for your property, And if we need to negotiate a short sale with the bank, we can handle it all and we will buy it as is.  You don’t have to make any repairs or invest any more money into this property.   If the bank has notified you that they are going to auction your property, let us buy it, stop the foreclosure and if possible we can let you stay in the home for a little longer.  We also will purchase bank owned properties and we’re always looking for distressed properties where the seller is crying bring all offers.  With our resources, we can buy now, negotiate the short sale if needed, we are cash buyers that buy properties that seller need to get rid of.  As cash buyers, we can settle quicker than the buyer that has to get a loan.  We have the cash ready and we can close the escrow quickly before the home has to go to court sale.

We are looking for distressed property, estate sales and homes that are upside down on their financing.  We can handle all aspects of the sale, including the short sale if necessary.  If you owe more for your home then it is worth, we can help you as well.  We take care of your home even it it’s a fixer upper, and in need of repair.  We love home that we can fix & flip.  So if you have a property for sale, and you’re facing a foreclosure, then fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch with you right away and we’ll make an offer on your property.  If your property needs a handyman, or some kind of special help with house, including short sale, were the sellers are upside down on the mortgage, we love those houses.

We also help people who have inherited a property that they don’t want.  Or with investors who have a difficult property that they are struggling with.  We will make an offer, and help you take that property off of your hands.  We have worked with lease options, as well as making straight up purchases.  We will make an offer, and then if you like it, we will close on your property quickly.

So if you have a property that you need to sell fast and take out all the cash that you can, please fill out the short form, and we’ll make you a fair all cash offer on your home, and we’ll buy it as is, we’ll negotiate with the bank a short sale if needed, all so you don’t have to spend any money making repairs or fixing the home up.

We also purchase Bank Owned homes an homes before they go to auction.  So if you’re an owner of a distressed property and are looking for buyers to bring all offers, we are the ones that you want to contact.  We’ll make that cash purchase, because we are cash buyers, and we have the cash ready.  Don’t let your distressed home go to auction, or foreclosure, let us pay cash for your home, and then we’ll take care of the bank, removing all the stress that you currently have.

Did you know that if the bank foreclosures on your home, and does a court sale on your property, if they don’t get the money from your home that they want, then they could come after you for the difference.  That means even after the property has sold at auction, they could still come after you for money.  If you work with us on a cash purchase, we will make sure that the bank is removed from the equation and you can move forward with your life. 

Don’t worry if the property is a fixer upper, needs a complete rehab, or just a little TLC, we can take the worries off your mind, by making a cash purchase of your property.  We have the handyman on staff to help us with the repairs, so you don’t have to worry about them.  So don’t let depression set in, contact us buy filling out this short form, and we’ll be in touch with you in a few hours with an offer on your home.  You have to be the owner of the home, and your name needs to be on the deed, or we’ll neeed some kind of proof that you can honestly sell the property.  But if you are a distressed seller, and have a property that you need to get rid of, please contact us right away to help you out of this stressful situation.

We are looking for properties that aren’t on the MLS, we’re looking for the motivated seller, the seller that has a property if facing a foreclosure or a short sale. Homes with multi-unit or single family units,  and has a need to sell.  We love the property sellers that have a need to sell fast.  We’re looking for homes that need updating, needs work and is off the market.  We’ll cover the closing costs, negotiate the short sale with the bank if needed, and make sure that there is no closing cost to you. 

If you are the owner of a property and are struggling with the financing, or your falling behind on the mortgage and it will prevent you from selling.  Don’t worry, we can stop the foreclosure, with a quick sale and a quick close.  So if your property needs a rehab, or a renovation, don’t spend money trying to fix it up, we’ll take care of it for you.

We work with folks who want to rent to own, reo properties and people who need to sell home and sell home fast!  We love to work with people who sell homes, and need to sell now.  If you are a seller to carry a mortgage.  We work with all sellers and people who are selling home or properties.  We have been able to stop short sales, both on single family homes as will as multi family homes and commercial properties.

If the government is coming after you for a tax lien, or if you have tenants that won’t pay their rent and you want out, we can come to the rescue.  We love homes that need a little TLC.  If you’re at all curious about  what your home is worth, let us know, we can give you a fair market value for what your home and the homes around you have sold for.  We have also worked with wholesalers and people who wholesale properties in order to give our clients the best deals possible!